The architecture industry is well known for being very cyclical but within this, as one sector may be in decline, another might be in a rapid rise. We try to use the vast amount of feedback we receive every day to keep you up with the latest trends via our blogs but please find below a few sectors where we are seeing an increasing number of opportunities.


The vast majority of roles we receive are for Architects with around 3-5 years post part 3. If you have Revit, this will be a strong bonus. Please take a... read more


London has many of the world's leading practices and the largest AJ100 studios are all based here. Although it is an expensive place to live, salaries are generally considerably higher... read more


Over the last few years, Revit has begun to dominate the architecture industry and is now requested in over 50% of adverts for architectural staff. This is especially true for... read more