2020 Architectural Salary Survey

Having thought 2019 was a difficult period with all the uncertainties of Brexit, we were very much hoping things could only get better this year. Sadly the initial positivity around the first couple of months was dramatically halted by Coronavirus and practices rapidly went into survival mode. During the following 6 months we have witnessed an unbelievable change in how and where people work. That said, a lot of this has been to do with how practices manage and survive on old projects. The last few weeks, however, have seen an increasing search for growth and a push for employees to start returning to the office where directors feel they can better achieve this objective. The ability for teams to work collaboratively, win new business, build a company culture and support and mentor more junior members of staff is often felt to work better face to face. From many conversations with directors, I imagine this will be combined with a far more flexible approach and periods of working from home will still continue post Coronavirus. To try and build a better picture of the current situation and see how salaries have been impacted by the pandemic, 9B is conducting the confidential salary survey below.

If you would like to receive a copy of the results and see how they compare to previous years, please complete the short questionnaire and we will email you once the report has been compiled.

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