Salary Survey Results

We were delighted to receive a record 2,250 responses to our last survey during September and October 2023. You can view the full Salary Survey report here but the main points were:

  • The average salary increase for architectural staff within practice was 1.3%. When the survey was taken, inflation was at 6.7% so, in real terms, the architecture profession has taken another big cut. Salaries in London, however, did a lot better and rose by 4.1%.
  • Partners/Directors within architectural practice received one of the biggest salary increases of 8.5% which probably made up for being one of the weakest in 2022. This year was however dominated by male partners who received an increase of over 10% compared to female partners who saw a decrease of 3.2%.
  • On average, around 44% of architectural staff receive a bonus but there is a big split between Male and Female staff. On average 48% of male staff receive a bonus compared to just 39% of female staff.

The results of our previous surveys can be seen below.