Why it is a good time for British Architects to work abroad

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Following the referendum, the architectural jobs market has witnessed some big changes. The greatest impact appears to have been within larger practices in central London. These firms had generally grown a lot over the last couple of years but with a slowdown in the commercial, retail and luxury residential sectors, it is likely there will be fewer job opportunities within these areas. 

Most roles appear to be coming from medium sized practices working on residential projects due to the shortage of housing in the UK. We are also witnessing a number of roles outside of London where firms are still finding a skills shortage at the 5 years Post Part 3 level.

With the value of the pound decreasing, it is also worth considering roles overseas. Architects currently working abroad have effectively received a 20% salary increase when converting savings back into pounds. 

If you are looking to compare living costs, a useful website is https://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living

For more details see our Market Data page.

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